About Us

I am  a small business that loves all k9s , As a Veterinary Tech I have learn that what your k9 eats is as important as what we eat .Paws K9  Bakery has been dedicated to making healthy all-natural treats for dogs. Our first natural, low-fat treats we created because we wanted a healthy snack for my  own dogs. Its wasn’t long before our treats caught on and people were asking where they could buy them.

As we’ve grown, we’ve remained devoted to our initial goal to make healthy, natural treats for dogs. We know that a long and happy life goes  with good nutrition, which we always keep in mind when creating new treats. We only use the highest quality bakery ingredients such as whole eggs, nonfat milk and whole wheat - making them easily digestible, full of fiber and protein and good for an overall balanced diet.








Something good you should know :

Your dog's treats should be easy on their teeth. Skip anything that's hard, like bones, antlers, or hooves.

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What they need


A healthy diet that contains Zero chemicals